About Clean Advantage

There are a lot of companies out there that can clean your property.

People often think every cleaning company is the same. We do not believe that, we believe our concept of customer service and quality control goes beyond your average cleaning company.

What We Do

We build a partnership with you and your property.  Our objective is that your property is clean and safe for your residents or tenants.  We keep costs down by providing supplies in our contract.   We constantly train and are on top of new products or equipment.

How We Work

We ensure a top level of quality control from the very first day. We assign an Area Manager to your property, who then hires and trains your team. The Quality Control Manager will be there with the Area Manager on day one. The Quality Control Manager makes sure the Area Manager is doing his/her job and checks in with you on a regular basis. Both Managers will perform inspections, and meet with you to discuss our work performance.

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