There are many factors that go into pricing your property.

From the jurisdiction laws for minimum wage, sick leave, health insurance and the amount of supplies you would need for your property, each property is so unique that we do not list pricing. Instead, we ask to visit your property to give you a fair bid. We can also give you, at any time, a Statement of Operations to show you where each dollar is spent.

Some things to consider as you bid out your janitorial contract… Selecting a janitorial firm is the same as hiring a manager. Hiring the wrong person can have a major impact on your company. Why? Because janitorial firms are responsible for the presentation, safety and security of your building and its occupants.

A facility that isn’t properly cleaned can lead to a whole host of problems. If you are a property manager, your tenants may cite it as a breach of contract and break their lease. If you run a hospital or medical facility, a representative from the State can drop by at any time to do a compliance audit. If you oversee a school, you know that it must be clean to please parents and keep student sick days to a minimum. If you work in a commercial building, a dirty office can leave a negative impression on customers.

In addition to cleanliness, it is essential that you trust the company that you’ve selected. Your cleaning crew has access to desks and other valuables, not to mention the fact that if they clean at night, they are responsible for locking doors and setting alarms. Doors left unlocked can cause major liability issues.

Employee Experience

  • How are they hiring people?
  • What are the training requirements for their workers?
  • Do they offer their employees opportunities to receive specialized training or certification?
  • If so, what are the requirements for recertification?

Customer Service

  • What customer service systems do they have in place?
  • How and when would they be communicating with you (e.g. phone, email, in-person)?
  • Are you able to contact them when you need to? Think about whether you are strictly interested in purchasing a commodity (i.e. having your building cleaned) or if you also want some level of customer service to accompany that. The old saying “Quality, price or service…choose one” rings loud and clear here. You will get what you pay for.


  • Do they carry liability insurance and what are their coverage limits?
  • Do they have workers comp insurance coverage for their employees? Even though the employees of your janitorial company are technically not your responsibility, you could be held liable if the company is treating its workers unethically and a court deems that you were aware of the situation. Make sure all bids are equal, either bid hours or performance but make sure all companies bidding are aware of your requirements. Make sure you know if supplies are included or not.

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